Whether you are a devoted athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who takes pride in sticking to a vigorous workout regimen, allowing your body and muscles to properly recover is the key to success. Most people who train more than a few days of the week don’t allow their body to fully recover, which can lead to injuries. To avoid this from happening, the staff at ReVitalyze is always using the latest technology to help keep our patients healthy. When you’re feeling sore, we’ll set you up with Marc Pro technology so you can be fully healed and get back to crushing the competition.

What Is Marc Pro?

Marc Pro is a patented, state-of-the-art electronic muscle stimulation device that takes healing tho the next level of efficiency. This treatment incorporates non-fatiguing muscle stimulation, allowing rehabilitation to take place quickly. It involves placing electrodes on the affected area and sending targeted electronic pulses to stimulate muscles and tissues.


When you’re looking to receive the optimal healing experience, consider visiting Revitalzye to utilize our Marc Pro technology. After going through numerous sessions using this stimulation device, you’ll be able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Ability to maintain proper biomechanics.
  • Prevent overuse injuries.
  • Eliminate pain that comes from exercise.
  • Improve your conditioning.

Marc Pro is an FDA approved form of treatment that is safe, easy, and comfortable to use. It does not matter if an injury is major or minor, as Marc Pro equipment can help with any discomfort. To learn more about this treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

For inquiries, contact the Moving Forward Company at (888) 705-2227 or text at (212) 606-4035.