As an athlete, dealing with an injury is often a worst-case scenario. Getting injured has the potential to mean missing an extended period away from your sport, leading to you falling behind your competition. Even if you went through an offseason training program and were especially careful when you were competing, injuries can still occur and derail a season. Our team at ReVitalyze does not want to see this happen to you. To help our athletes spend the least amount of time injured, we utilize NormaTec technology to achieve optimal healing results.

What Is NormaTec?

NormaTec offers the ultimate recovery for today’s athlete. MLB’s own Boston Red Sox use NormaTec, and we believed that any equipment that is good enough for professional athletes is good enough for our patients too! Created by a physician bioengineer, Normatec can be used to enhance blood flow and speed up recovery in an affected area, allowing for maximum healing results. There are both arm and leg recovery systems, and each uses the Normatec PULSE Massage Pattern to employee three key techniques during the treatment, which include:

  • Pulsing.
  • Distal release.
  • Gradients.

Benefits NormaTec Brings:

For patients who experience the use of NormaTec for treatment, there are many benefits to be had. Examples of the benefits you can expect include the following:

  • Increased range of motion.
  • Lessened sensitivity to pain.
  • Improved endothelial function.
  • Decreased muscle fatigue after a physical therapy session.

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