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Dr. Vitaly Dvoskin

Besides being a full-service outpatient facility, The Moving Forward Company also provides Concierge Services. For those who require a concierge level of care, especially for the New Yorker on the go, we have the ability to travel to you. Whether at your home, office, or hotel, our therapists can bring the necessary equipment and tools directly to you to create an experience of both convenience and full-care, just as you would have in the office. The Moving Forward Team is committed to going above and beyond and providing the utmost level of care.

Dr. Vitaly Dvoskin leads the way for Moving Forward Physical Therapy, P.C., and the Moving Forward Company. He is a highly qualified and experienced Physical Therapist who specializes in restoring the proper function of the human body by means of advanced manual orthopedic techniques and neuromuscular re-education. Utilizing clinical reasoning and the most current and cutting edge evidence-based research to identify the underlying cause of the patients’ dysfunction and pain. With an extensive background in Performing Arts Medicine and various degrees of Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation, Surgery Prevention, Pre/Post-Operative Care, Scar Tissue/Myofascial Manipulation, Spine/Joint Mobilization/Manipulation, Sacrum/Coccyx Adjustments, Postural/Body Mechanic Re-education, Ergonomic Assessment/Work Site Integration. He also has experience with managing the effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation following treatment of various Cancers.

Dr. Vitaly is committed to providing a life-long physical and mental well-being to help create a maximum recovery of your limitations and injuries. He works along with a team of experts who provide complementary services to his physical therapy, which are also available as concierge visits. If you are looking for the best and most convenient care, we are at your service.

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