XR stands for Extended Reality and includes VR, AR, and MR:

Virtual Reality (VR) – Immersing the user in a wholly digital world

Augmented Reality (AR) – Overlay of digital information onto the real world

Mixed Reality (MR) – Merging the real world and the digital world

Traditionally, physical and cognitive therapy has relied on a lot of guesswork. It’s difficult for your therapist to know if you’ve been doing your exercises consistently or even correctly. A lot of assumptions are made, and your recovery suffers because of it.

Getting precise data involved spending thousands in a hospital surrounded by sensitive machinery – but virtual reality hanged that. They have designed fun games that mimic traditional therapies and give us exact movement data, breathing patterns, and more. Our healthcare professionals can make informed, data-driven decisions never like before


Here is what the process looks like:

  • Meet your healthcare professional- Discuss your symptoms, history, and goals. Your clinician will load your headset with the perfect treatments for you and send it over.
  • Get your headset and get better!- As you explore new worlds through virtual reality exercises, your healthcare professional will get data on your exact movements, giving you informed guidance and feedback.


Aside from being completely remote, XRHealth uses technology to assist your recovery like never before. These applications are designed to not only guide but measure your movements. This has never been possible with traditional healing and gives your matched healthcare professional actionable data. Also, it’s fun! The problem with conventional therapy is that it is neglected. With XRHealth, you’ll be stopping yourself from using it too often.

As you use your VR Telehealth Kit, our team will keep reviewing your progress and contact you with adjustments and guidance. 

These treatments are a mix of real and virtual environments, games, and exercises designed to be fun and useful. You might explore a forest, swing a sword, or swing your virtual fists.


Physical Therapy:

This VR technology means more efficient relief of your symptoms when compared to traditional physical therapy. The fantastic experience is just a bonus. 

Stress Management:

Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can have a vice-like grip on your daily life. With these fully immersive VR relaxation treatments, you can train to overcome and manage these feelings. 

Pain Management:

For many of us, living with pain has led to missed opportunities. It’s time to take back control of your life.


To learn more about XRHealth, click here to visit their website.

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Dr. Vitaly has been practicing as an orthopedic sports medicine physical therapist for 14 years. He initially studied health and exercise science where he first fell in love with the human body and its physiology to excel. This has created a foundation for which he has taken his Physical Therapy practice into the training realm with reVitalyze.