Keiser Pneumatic Resistance System featuring their

Half Rack, Functional Trainer, Prone Leg Curl, and Knee Extension machines.


Keiser’s singular, foundational focus on improving human performance has resulted in the development of products designed to revolutionize fitness and wellness. Iron and weight stacks have shown results, but they have reached their limits. Keiser represents a fundamental change in approach for challenging and exceeding the status quo.



The rate at which work is done (Power = Work ÷ Time). In the world of fitness, this is defined as the speed in which the resistance (weight) is moved. Power = Force (strength) x Velocity (speed). Training can only be considered functional if it is done at speed. Keiser has created the technology that allows users to train at speed, on every machine, for every movement.

CNS/NMS Training.

Keiser pneumatic equipment provides the ability to train the brain and develop more than muscle. Science has proven that the brain “records” the movements you make and the speed at which you make them (muscle memory). Keiser helps retrain the user’s central nervous system and neuromuscular system, allowing for slow training/slow performance or fast training/fast performance.


Keiser’s equipment solutions and programs are developed with the full spectrum of users in mind, from the performance athlete to the older adult.

Unilateral or bilateral movements

Zero lb/kg starting resistance on most machines

Consistent resistance at any speed, from slow to explosive

True functional training for strength at any speed

Heavy negatives and heavy positives

Small-increment, 1lb resistance increases

Simple, push-button controls

Easy step in, (not up) design


Keiser maximizes muscular and neuromuscular output while minimizing stress on the joints and connective tissue, resulting in a reduced risk of injury.

Negligible shock loading to connective tissues and joints

Consistent variable resistance curve at any speed

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Keiser Exercises

From casual gym-goers to elite professional athletes; from active older adults to astronauts; from rehabbing weekend warriors to U.S. Army Special Forces, Keiser’s human-focused engineering can bring anyone to their fitness goals and beyond. Click the links below to view a variety of exercises utilizing the Keiser systems we offer.

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