What Is Concierge Physical Therapy?

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What Is Concierge Physical Therapy?

With the climate of our healthcare system as it is today, it can take weeks, even months, to meet healthcare providers and have your issues evaluated. In this time, your symptoms and pain may evolve from acute or sporadic to chronic and consistent. Rather than continue to have people wait until their symptoms worsen, healthcare providers are moving towards alternative practice models. They are now able to meet the patient’s needs and provide services to help them when they need prompt care. One of these methods is concierge medical services. If you require immediate and personalized physical therapy care, concierge physical therapy in NYC at Moving Forward Physical Therapy can help! 

Concierge Physical Therapy in NYC: 

Concierge physical therapy is a system designed around the patient’s needs, that provides high-quality physical therapy services when you need it. This service helps to eliminate long wait times that may prolong your pain. Concierge PT can come in multiple forms, but the two most commonly used plans are monthly or annual subscription methods that give the patient access to the healthcare providers’ services whenever they need the care, at the patients’ convenience. The second method is a package deal, providing a set amount of visits over a certain amount of time, or focusing on a specific condition the patient is struggling with. In this plan, the patient’s healthcare provider will set up a visit or determine the proper amount of aid needed for the condition.

An example of a package deal could be, a 15-visit package over the course of a few months. This package will help the patient deal with their pain and symptoms that may be developing due to their lifestyle. If you would be interested in a package for concierge physical therapy in NYC, visit our website or call and talk to us today!

Benefits of Concierge Services:

Concierge services exist to provide convenient and accessible healthcare for the patient. Concierge physical therapy services offer high-quality physical therapy services for you when you need the care. Service providers can provide more personalized care to help you with your specific needs and the problems unique to your body. This can even come in the form of patient portals or connecting with your providers through your phone to talk with your doctor and set up appointments whenever it is best for you. 

In addition to providing care at your convenience, without waiting weeks to see your doctors, concierge physical therapy allows you to get packages for specific issues. These issues can include anything from body pains and issues from repetitive stresses like work or a sport to therapies for chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes to pediatric issues like muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, and even neurological conditions such as strokes, spinal conditions, and brain trauma injuries. By using one of these concierge packages you can get a set amount of visits over time that works for you when it’s the best time for you, and get the care needed for your condition without the hassle of waiting for a time slot with your doctor. You can avoid wait times and let your condition progress, instead of getting the care when you need it the most, on your time. These are just some of the benefits you have when you use concierge physical therapy in NYC. 

Physical therapy provides many benefits for conditions and problems as listed above. Some of the benefits of physical therapy in these situations include :

  • Reduce pain throughout the body, with or without medicine.
  • Avoid surgeries by treating the root problem.
  • Improve and regain mobility and functionality throughout the body.
  • Recover from chronic conditions and pains that develop through work, sports, or other activities.
  • Manage age-related, or condition related symptoms and medical problems.
  • Recover from injuries, trauma, stroke, and even paralysis.
  • Improve balance, prevent falls, and recover any self-sufficiency lost from previous conditions.

Contact Moving Forward Physical Therapy: These are just some of the key benefits of using concierge physical therapy. Concierge physical therapy can provide great boosts to your daily life, and treat conditions you may be dealing with in your body at a higher quality and at your convenience. If you are looking for concierge physical therapy in NYC, contact us through our website, or call in at 888-705-2227 and learn more today!

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