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If you are considering personal training or corrective exercise, you may be wondering what they are. Here we have provided guidance on what they can both do for you and your body.

Personal Training

A personal trainer is certified to guide and teach you how to properly exercise in a safe environment. At Moving Forward Physical Therapy, Dr. Vitaly Dvoskin is a licensed physical therapist that can help you achieve your fitness goals utilizing the latest technological advancements in the industry. A physical therapist has vastly greater medical training for a variety of physical conditions over traditional personal training, making personal training at our facility a safe and effective option.

When beginning a session of personal training, we will ask you about your lifestyle, physical goals, and any impingements you may have. as well as ask you to perform training tasks and exercises. This will help us to devise the most effective regimen possible.

Corrective Exercise

While personal training may improve your fitness level, the goal of corrective exercise is to help your body reduce any compensation or imbalances when performing exercises to do so safely and to prevent further injury or damages.

Oftentimes, after an accident a person’s body may subconsciously try to compensate such as in the event of a bad fall on one hip, the person may start to run heavier on one side. This can lead to a new injury on the side of the body supporting more weight and in turn, cause more damage. The goal of corrective exercise is to fully balance the body so there is no compensation and risk of injury.

After evaluation, we will want to have you perform tasks to assess the injury or compensation. Then, we will teach you exercises to improve the balance of weight distribution on your body which may cause some discomfort at first but will prevent further damage long term.

Personal Training & Corrective Exercise At Moving Forward Physical Therapy

Both personal training and corrective exercise can benefit the body and prevent injuries.  At our state-of-the-art concierge facility, we have everything you need to achieve your goals. If you think you may need either personal training or corrective exercise, contact us today!

For inquiries, call or text the Moving Forward Company at (212) 606-4035.

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