Neck Strain & Spasms

A strain occurs in muscles; specifically it is the tearing or stretching of muscle fibers. Neck strains can result from whiplash. A spasm can occur when the muscles contract involuntarily either as the result of an injury, overuse, poor posture, or stress.


  • Pain and tenderness in your neck
  • Pain when moving your head
  • Tension headaches
  • Muscles are hard, tight and painful.


Your physician will evaluate your injury by taking a complete medical history, including mechanism of injury, prior injuries and symptoms. Your physician will perform a complete examination of your neck. Your physician may also send you for an x-ray.


  • Use ice on the area for 20 minutes on with 40 minutes off for the first 72 hours
  • Heat Pack
  • Take an anti-inflammatory or pain medication as prescribed by your physician
  • Stretching the neck muscles
  • Massage
  • Physical therapy


Strengthen the muscles that surround your neck
If you are at a desk throughout the day, take breaks and stretch your neck.

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