The Benefits Of Out-Of-Pocket Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Appointments in NYC

The Benefits Of Out-Of-Pocket Physical Therapy

The healthcare system, despite all its benefits, can have some restrictions for members of our society. While some believe that their insurance will cover all of their medical costs, the inconvenient truth is that this is not always the case. Finding medical facilities that accept your insurance can also be a major inconvenience when all you need is the care that you’re entitled to for your well-being. That is why here at Moving Forward Physical Therapy, we’ve shaken up the traditional business model. We offer out-of-pocket Physical Therapy Appointments in NYC to help ensure that patients get the quality of care that they deserve.

What Is Out-Of-Pocket Physical Therapy?

In traditional cases where patients need physical therapy, insurance carriers dictate where they can receive treatment. However, to ensure all patients can visit our facility, we offer out-of-pocket physical therapy. What this means is that patients themselves pay for the sessions that they need, and they don’t have to jump through hoops to achieve that goal. We have found that providing this route for patients to take often brings about the most benefits.

Better Schedule Of Care  

Medical facilities that work with insurance companies are often at the mercy of their requirements. Facilities need to meet certain insurance quotas, meaning that numerous patients will be scheduled for treatment at one time. In other words, physical therapists will need to divvy their time up between multiple patients at once. When this takes place, it is easy to feel under-appreciated during your time of treatment. By sticking to our out-of-pocket method, we can help guarantee that all of our patients receive the one-on-one sessions of care that they expected.

Easy To Choose

As we’ve previously stated, trying to find a physical therapy facility that is under your insurance can be a difficult process. Even if it would be convenient to go to the place right by where you live, if they are out of network, your insurance company may not allow this convenience. And if the facility you want to go to does not take cash payments, there is nothing you can do about that situation. This reason is another one that leads us to focus on an out-of-pocket payment system. If you need care, you don’t have to hesitate when coming to us. We’ll accept your payments without any hassle.    

Insurance Companies Can Sometimes Dictate Treatment

It is to be expected that a team of trained physical therapists best know how to treat their patients. However, sometimes insurance companies can muddy the process. They have a high influence on the treatment process, meaning there are times when sessions are not as optimized as they could be if they were not involved. Patients may be subject to heat therapy, cold therapy, or other passive modalities that offer little to no benefit for the specific injury that they are dealing with and managing. At Moving Forward Physical Therapy, we have full autonomy over our treatment methods, and always work to create regimens that work best for our patients.

Cost Predictability 

One final benefit our team would like to specify involves the aspect of cost predictability. Getting medical treatment shouldn’t break the bank. It also should never be a guessing game. When going through insurance companies for care, it can be hard to distinguish how much everything will cost at the end. Premiums and deductibles can constantly change, leaving you scratching your head when your bill comes. Fortunately, our out-of-pocket system helps you avoid this predicament. You’ll always know exactly how much each session will cost, allowing you to remain financially intelligent and secure.

Schedule Physical Therapy Appointments in NYC

At Moving Forward Physical Therapy, our team is committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. We can do so without needing to work with major insurance companies, allowing us to stay one step ahead of our competition. If you have more questions about our out-of-pocket layout or would like to schedule your first appointment with our team, be sure to contact us today for Physical Therapy Appointments in NYC.  

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